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    Shift in Presence. Combining history with ultra-modernity.
    Front Headlights. Ultra-compact front lighting.
    Rear Lights. Ultra-compact full LED Lights.


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      I-Cockpit. Finely crafted centre console.
      Instant comfort. Latest technologies to ensure comfort & safety.
      Like a Smartphone. 10" HD touchscreen with multi-window display & customisable widgets.


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        Driving Pleasure. Adaptive cruise control & lane assist
        Lithium-Ion Battery. Up to 37 miles of driving electric mode
        Heightened Senses. 180-degree HD rear camera & 360-degree parking assistance.

        Enter the era of neo-performance by PEUGEOT.

        Display your aesthetic and innovative spirit behind the wheel of the new 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED Saloon or SW. Enjoy the sensations of the high performance and low emissions of the new line of efficient and electrified products by PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED.


        Enjoy aesthetics led by efficiency. Featuring new styling codes that modernise the language of performance, the new 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED display a powerful and striking stance, magnified by a bumper, raised rocker panels and wider tracks to accommodate the new 20-inch wheels.

        DRIVING PLEASURE IN YOUR HANDS. Numerous maneuvering assistance.
        BOLD PROPORTIONS ATHLETIC LINES, DEFINED. Distinguished & streamlined.
        DRIVING MASTERY For more than 10 years. Perfecting its mastery of Hybrid-Electric technology