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Welcome to Research Garage Alfa Romeo.

Research Garage Group Ltd has been associated with Fiat Group Automotive for over 40 years, Serving the needs of our customers throughout Warwickshire being just minutes from junction 3 of the M6. The family run business has grown from strength to strength over this period and the partnership with Alfa Romeo has come at an ideal time as the brand is launching additional models. Our partnership with three Italian Marques ensures exciting times ahead and with new models over the horizon; will enable the dealership to grow on its solid foundation.

History of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo may be one of the best-known Italian car manufacturers today, but its earliest beginnings can actually be traced back to France. Car manufacturer Alexandre Darracq started a factory in Portello near Milan that assembled vehicles from parts and engines that were imported from Paris. This venture however was not as successful as Darracq envisioned and in 1909 he sold this factory to the Italian Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, this company would shortly become known as A.L.F.A.

In 1915 the A.L.F.A. company came under the guidance of a very skilled engineer and entrepreneur called Nicola Romeo who quickly converted the factory to produce various military hardware for the Italian war effort, vehicles, munitions, aircraft engines and heavy locomotives were all produced throughout the period of the first world war. At the end of the war Nicola Romeo took full control of the A.L.F.A. company and in 1919 again began the production of motor cars. The following year the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo.