Why purchase a FOUND Used Vehicle?

The Found Approved and Used vehicle programme has been created and designed to offer our customer’s the very best in used vehicles offering quality cars and vans with peace of mind, full warranties and competitive finance offers at the forefront of the programme. We realise that trust and transparency are imperative for today’s car buyers and that our customers want all the benefits and reassurance of buying a used vehicle from a franchised dealer. We hope that you will enjoy the comprehensive range of benefits on offer with your used vehicle purchase through the Found Approved and Used programme.


Comprehensive Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection

A comprehensive pre-sale inspection will be carried out on your vehicle to ensure that you have absolute peace-of-mind when buying the vehicle. These checks will cover all major mechanical parts, all safety related components and the bodywork and interior. All vehicles will be test-driven prior to sale and be valeted to a high standard so that customers can have the same confidence when they buy an approved used vehicle that they would enjoy if they bought new. If the vehicle is due for a service, this will be carried out as part of the pre-sale preparation process. A further feature of this comprehensive preparation process is that all vehicles will be checked for outstanding re-calls, and any necessary work will be carried out prior to sale

Ownership Assurance​

Your vehicle will be checked to ensure that it is not the subject of an outstanding finance agreement, that the identity is correct and that vehicle is not stolen, that it has not been the subject of an insurance write-off and that the recorded mileage is correct. An “Ownership Assurance Certificate” will be given to you verifying this, and should it subsequently come to light that any of this data is incorrect the customer will be entitled to exchange the vehicle under the terms of the Exchange Promise.

30 Day Exchange Promise

If your vehicle develops a serious mechanical or electrical fault within 30-days or 1,000 miles (whichever comes first), of purchase, and this cannot be repaired satisfactorily in a reasonable time-frame, you can opt to exchange the vehicle for another one of equal value from Research Garage Group.

Found Approved and Used Warranties​

Your vehicle sold under the FOUND programme will have a minimum of 12 Months warranty cover. 

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

You will receive a minimum of 12 Months comprehensive breakdown & recovery cover.

Terms & Conditions.

FOUND Approved and Used Vehicle Exchange Policy – Terms and Conditions. Customers buying a FOUND Approved and Used vehicle are entitled to a 30 day/1,000 mile exchange (whichever comes sooner). This means that, should you be dissatisfied for any reason, you are entitled to return your vehicle to the selling Dealer and have that vehicle exchanged for another providing the following terms and conditions have been met: The vehicle is returned to the selling Dealership within 30 days of the delivery date to you or within 1,000 miles (whichever comes sooner); and; The selling dealer must be satisfied that you are a private purchaser; and; The selling dealer is completely satisfied that you own the original vehicle and are fully entitled to exchange it. You may choose any vehicle as a replacement, provided that: It is of an equal or higher price than the originally purchased vehicle; and; It is available from the Dealers stock or another suitable source and meets the criteria for vehicle selection, inspection and certification; and; You pay the Dealer the difference in price if you select a higher priced vehicle; If there is any damage of whatever kind caused to the vehicle since its delivery to you this must be rectified before the exchange is done or an agreement made with the selling Dealer allowing to cover these costs. The car must be returned to its original sale condition if you have fitted any items of equipment to the car since its delivery to you – for example alloy wheels, spoilers, satellite navigation, telephone or other audio equipment. You are responsible for any costs involved. The onus is on you to pay for and effect any changes regarding the termination, transfer or taking out or otherwise arranging the financing for the purchase of the original and replacement vehicle. The Dealer may be able to assist you if the vehicle was financed between you and the selling Dealer. You are responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred for licensing or insuring the exchanged vehicle. If you have exchanged your vehicle under the 30 day/1,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) Vehicle Exchange Policy, that vehicle may only be subsequently exchanged for reasons of irreparable fault.