Fiat Doblo

'Best in class' in terms of handling and driving comfort: the new Doblo, thanks to its bi-link suspension, the improved gearbox and clutch and its wide range of engines, ensures smooth and comfortable driving in every situation. Additionally, thanks to the 'an engine for every job' strategy, the new Doblo offers the utmost performance, according to the various professional requirements and types of use. Its power units, ideal both in town and on long hauls, are able to offer more impressive performance, high torque at all speeds and optimal consumption for great running costs.


An even more functional and comfortable work environment, the style of a car, better performance and increased productivity, thanks to low running costs: the new Doblo cargo has been designed to add value to the work of every professional. With its wide and versatile range, the new Doblo is an invaluable partner for meeting all requirements with fine-tuned, intelligent solutions, making the day easier and more satisfying as well as maintaining its status as the best place to work. New Doblo: more functionality, more performance, more value.

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