SMART Insurance

Protect your car’s condition, your No Claims Bonus and your insurance claim record. Scratch and Dent Insurance is sometimes referred to as SMART Insurance. It is an insurance product designed to help maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle without the need to make claims on your motor insurance. Making a claim on your fully comprehensive motor insurance for minor cosmetic repairs would damage your insurance claim record and ultimately increase your premiums in future. It may also cost you an insurance excess payment. No matter how carefully you drive or how considerately you park – all vehicles are likely to suffer scratches, dents and chips. If left unattended, this type of small damage can quickly deteriorate and cause corrosion and paint departure

At Research Garage Group we offer plans that are suited to a variety of motorists and budgets, and we will help you to find the right agreement for you. All our plans are simple and straightforward. We are on hand to guide you through making your decision, and will make sure you fully understand the terms before you sign up.

If you would like to find out more information on the finance options available, contact either of our three dealerships