Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

Contract Hire is designed for people requiring fixed monthly rentals with no risk of depreciation. The rental charged can include a wide range of additional options.

Key features and benefits:

  • Low initial outlay – usually 3 or 6 months rentals in advance.
  • Fixed rentals for the full contract period based on a set annual mileage which you decide.
  • Contract periods between 12 – 48 months.
  • Vehicle Excise Duty (tax), along with breakdown cover are included in your monthly rentals.
  • Can include a maintenance package if requested.
  • No depreciation risk.
  • Rentals can be offset against taxable profits for maximum tax efficiency.
  • All of the VAT paid on rentals is recoverable for commercial vehicles.
  • At the end of the agreement, simply return your vehicle and pay no further charge (provided mileage is within agreed limit and the vehicle has only sustained normal wear and tear).

At Research Garage Group we offer plans that are suited to a variety of motorists and budgets, and we will help you to find the right agreement for you. All our plans are simple and straightforward. We are on hand to guide you through making your decision, and will make sure you fully understand the terms before you sign up.

If you would like to find out more information on the finance options available, contact either of our three dealerships